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VME Enters Reciprocating Compressor Business

VME has been awarded a contract for the supply of nine electric motor-driven reciprocating compressors.
VME’s wholly-owned Indonesian subsidiary, PT. VME Process signed a contract on May 27, 2009 with Flotech of New Zealand for the fabrication of compressor packages.  The four-stage, high-pressure fuel gas boosters are used to fuel Wärtsilä 18V46 gas-diesel engines used in power generation service in Brazil.
“This project is strategically significant for VME in a number of ways.”, says President & CEO Michael Thomas. “Flotech has been an important repeat client and business partner for VME.  This contract is a clear indication of our joint commitment to provide high-quality, low-cost gas compression skids and modules across a variety of applications.  Also, our waterfront fabrication yard in Batam is already well-known as a leading process module fabricator in the region, but we are now able to offer compression in addition to our traditional line of oil, gas, and water processing modules.”
Fabrication is expected to begin by the end of this quarter and completion will be staggered through Q1, 2010.

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